Cazenove Eventing Grand Prix

Eventing Grand Prix

New for 2018 at The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show is the exciting Cazenove Capital Eventing Grand Prix

This fast and furious invitational competition will provide a high calibre invitational spectacle as both elite showjumpers and event riders tackle a course of showjumps and feature cross-country fences in a relay format.

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Starting in the International Arena as the feature class on the evening of Thursday, June 14, the Eventing Grand Prix will see Eventers and Showjumpers pair up, to then compete against the clock, racing over approximately 30 jumps and cross-country style obstacles.

Each pair will take on a combination of fences, including a brand new set of cross- country fences incorporating the Bolesworth International arena’s iconic moat.

The Cazenove Capital prize will go to the pair with the fastest combined time and the least faults. Each knocked down fence will incur seconds added on to the rider’s time. The lucky winners will each take home a £1,000 first prize.



The Eventing Grand Prix will consist of 12 pairs of riders, and follow a pairs relay format. Each pair will be made up of one Event rider and one Showjumper. Each round will start with the Showjumper jumping a set of showjumps, followed by the event rider negotiating a short course of cross country obstacles, finishing up back in the Arena over three or four showjumps.

Showjumping Section

Fences will be a maximum of 1.30m, and 3 seconds will be added for fences knocked down.

Eventing Section

Cross country obstacles will be built to a maximum of Intermediate height & difficulty. Showjumps will be a maximum of 1.25m with an optional joker at a maximum height of 1.35m (3 seconds will be added for fences knocked down). The winner will be the fastest pair to complete the course.

Prize Money

1st: £2000, £1000, £800, £500, £200  (to be split equally between each pair).