Breen's Record-Breaking Performance

Irish star Shane Breen produced a record-breaking performance to win a memorable Equerry Bolesworth International Puissance on Friday night.

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Bolesworth's International Arena was at its majestic best in glorious sunshine as a capacity crowd witnessed a truly outstanding exhibition of power and precision jumping.

Shane and 18-year-old puissance specialist Acorad 3 were immaculate across all five rounds of the Equitop Myoplast-sponsored showpiece, clinching victory by jumping a Bolesworth record 2.20 metres (7ft 3in).

He was joined in the fifth and final round by four fellow Irishmen - Anthony Condon, Michael Pender, Richard Howley and Paul Kennedy - with Shane and his brilliant partner the only ones to clear the famous red wall.

It was a spectacular display, and one that Shane admitted left him bursting with pride.

"It was my first puissance on this horse," Shane said. "He is a puissance specialist, and I am the sixth Irish rider he has taken to victory in this type of competition.
"He is an absolute pleasure to ride. He is an incredible horse. He has never knocked a puissance wall down, and I am delighted to have won it. It was fantastic".
"He has jumped 2.20 before, and a little bit higher as well. Last year, I had him in my stable, but I didn't get to do a puissance with him. I am just so happy. Riding this horse is an absolute dream. When he was younger, he jumped grands prix and did everything".
"He has extraodinary scope, a super brain and is beautiful to ride. He just loves jumping."

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