The New Age Call Center and the Art of being a Good Human Being

Co-Founder and Director of Moneypenny, Rachel Clacher delivered this year’s keynote speech at the Bolesworth International Business Lunch,

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There was a time when Rachel Clacher and her brother Ed could not persuade banks to lend them any money. That was in 2000, when the siblings set up Moneypenny, a telephone answering and switchboard services company.

It wasn’t very long before the same banks were queuing up to offer loans but Rachel and Ed were just too successful. Now consistently rated among the top five of the 100 best companies to work for in the UK, Moneypenny handles more than 12 million calls on behalf of 13,000 companies from its 100,000 sq ft headquarters in Wrexham.

Speaking to the sold-out Business Lunch in the VIP Hospitality at this year’s Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show, Rachel said: ‘We never borrowed a penny. We have done great things for our clients and we have reinvested our profits. In the beginning no-one would lend us money because we didn’t have a track record. When we had established that track record, people were falling over themselves to lend us money but we didn’t want it.’

The company headquarters has become quite the talking point, she revealed and it’s not just because of the treehouse meeting room, café serving free breakfasts and in-house pub – called The Dog and Bone, naturally. It’s known as ‘the happiest office in the land’. Rachel went on: ‘It is a beautiful space but when you walk in you immediately have a feeling of inclusion, welcome, smiles, industry and vitality.’

It all came about, she said, because Rachel and Ed asked two simple questions of themselves; what would I want if I was a client of Moneypenny and what would I want if I was an employee at Moneypenny? And the company was established because they were, she said, ‘simple, good human beings, asking simple questions.’

Moneypenny now has offices in the United States and its success has led to the creation of WeMindTheGap, a charity which gives work and life opportunities to unemployed and struggling young women through paid traineeships.

A self-confessed hater of television’s The Apprentice. Rachel said it was ‘incumbent of every one of us to the best human beings we can be.’ While her company and reputation as one of this country’s leading CEOs prospers, Rachel ended her talk by extolling the business leaders in front of her to ‘make a difference in the world of work and in the world in general.’

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